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The Estate


Perched on the foothills of the Haut Languedoc, near the charming town of Pézenas, Allegria is an environment friendly estate, from the organic farming to the wooden architecture of the winery buildings.
Created in 2008, Allegria is the fruit of the friendship between two families: the d’Aboville family and the de la Mota family. The passion and enthusiasm of a young family with 5 children combined with the know- how of the legendary Argentinean winemaker, Roberto de la Mota, creator of “Cheval des Andes” and most recently the Bodega Mendel, known by all fans of Malbec.
Allegria means joy in the local language Occitan! We want to communicate this joy of life, our happiness, and share the Allegria through our wines, and with all those visiting our estate. We want to share the good vibes « of this hill where life is good”.


Nine acres forming a beautiful mosaic of Mediterranean varieties – mostly Syrah, our preference, a large plot of Mourvèdre, the foundation from which all great wines from the south are crafted and a tiny plot of Carignan for which we have big ambitions. Finally Cinsault, we love it for its ability to produce our cuvée without sulfates. For the Whites, two celebrities: Marsanne and Roussanne, that have travelled from the Rhône Vallée just for you…
The vineyard has reached an age that commands respect: 17 years young for the newest vines, and 40 years old for the most venerable plots ! All our old vines are harvested by hand. Years of volcanic activity have profoundly transformed the soil of the vineyards. A single parcel but composed of diverse soils: terraces of gravels, basalt gravel, white limestone clay.


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Why organic?

What led us to immediately convert to 100% organic the day that we bought in 2008? For us, it was a decision, and an obvious one, that we had made many years before actually acquiring the vineyard.
Our vision is enhance and support the traditional methods of agriculture and reject chemically created pesticides that are toxic to the environment and human health. This is the philosophical reason!
And what can be better than picking and eating the wild leeks and asparagus growing in our vineyards! That is the gourmet reason!
We also appreciated the view of Nicolas, a shepherd in Fontès, who exclaimed « Youʼre going organic! Fantastic! I can bring my sheep to graze in your vineyards during winter because there will be grass again – and good grass! » In a nutshell – life! That is the poetic reason. What is more whimsical than sheep grazing in a vineyard!
And really, we are so happy that our children can gorge themselves on grapes during the harvest without fear of the dangers of chemicals. This is the family reason!
Organic wine is better for our body and our soul – and for the body and soul of our customers! There may be disagreement about the science and proof may not exist but it is our deepest belief.
And this is the most important reason.


We favor a slow wine-making process, extracting just enough to preserve the natural fruit and keep the freshness and elegance.
Concrete vats of different sizes are used to accommodate each plot and vinify them separately. Until we get to the blending, we believe this is an important step to maintain the personality of each plot. The red varieties are fermented in concrete tanks. The thermal inertia of concrete offers a major benefit for soaking following the fermentation where the temperature must reach at least 20°c – and it is also the perfect material to control the temperature during the aging process in summer.
Our rosé and Marsanne are fermented in stainless steel tanks. During fermentation, we perform a delicate «pigeage», by foot, because it is this Burgundian craftsman technic that gives the best results. We don’t add sulfites to most of our wines during winemaking and aging. This allows us to add just a very small amount of sulfite at bottling, realizing an efficient protection effect during transportation and storage. The « Cinsault Abuelo » is bottled without any sulfites at all which allows us to preserve the natural purity of the fruit.

Sustainable growth

In 2015 we decided to engage in a process of corporate social responsibility.
We want to go even further than organic farming, adopting respectful practices in our daily life not only towards the environment but also towards our suppliers and our customers. For us it is a commitment that can enhance the sense of our everyday work and contribute to a better world through simple and daily acts.


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